Monday, 9 November 2009

Students to be given information about university course quality before starting a degree

The fantastic news that universities and their courses are to be rated and made more visible to students through showing their drop-out rates, graduate job future earnings and the number of hours (contact hours) students can expect with their tutors. Part of a consumer revolution in higher education this is planned to given graduates the best start to there graduate careers before they make the decision regarding their course.

This is great news as potential students will be able to see the best courses to enter.  However it would be good if the universities secretary Lord Mandelson would also show if the courses have resulted in careers along that degree subject. 

How many graduates actually end up doing something in their career that they studied at university?  Not many go to university to study for a sales job and then get a graduate sales job, not many.  We have proven to UK business over the years that graduates can make the best sales people as they have the best attributes.

At Pareto we take any degree discipline with any grade as we assess graduates on their characteristics, attitudes and motivation rather than the course they took.

However this is fantastic news for graduates and students across the UK. further information can be found

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