Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Don’t just Feature Bash

Too many sales people go into a meeting and list the features of their product/service. A famous sales trainer called Elmer Wheeler once said ‘don’t sell the steak, sell the sizzle’, in other words sell the benefit that the product/service adds and how this can help the perspective client.

Don’t show up to a meeting and just list the products features, this sort of scripted content can put a customers off because they don’t see how these features can benefit their company. The customers want you to focus on their business, how these features can benefit their company and how they may be implemented. Benefits answer the all important question the customer may ask of “What’s in it for me?”

Customers need this education, the more they know about the product and how it can benefit them when making the decision between you or your competitors. I’m not saying that just listing the features and benefits will get you the sale, it certainly will help, but to close the deal you need to outline how all these benefits are possible. This is the hard part, tailoring the product/service in line with the customers to create that connection the customer can relate to.

The customer will want to know everything about the product or service to make an educated guess and compare you to competitors; this is to take them through the buying process. Therefore it is important to match the product/service to them, which will add credibility to your pitch and make it more appealing to the customer. It is important therefore to sell the steak, and then the sizzle to be successful and gain more sales.

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  1. It's certainly important to show the benefits rather than just the features