Monday, 4 April 2011

Fresh graduates’ vs experience

Many companies (especially during a recession) don’t want to spend the time and money training graduates that have no experience and tend to opt for employees that have experience. Companies are offering internships whether paid or unpaid which get the graduate for a minimal cost and allow them to train the graduate and offer them a job at the end if they are successful. Although this is very useful to companies, many graduates can’t afford to have unpaid work and it is argued that these roles only go to the more wealthy graduates. But is this the right route to hiring graduates? Many would be put off by a company that don’t value their employees; graduates are affordable compared to experience in the first place, and a consistent return on investment. This is their first bit of experience, so they don’t have bad habits are easy to mould and shape them to the company’s culture, and because they have attended University are able to learn vast amounts. Graduates are also fresh and eager to impress in their first graduate role, they can inject new ideas and apply up-to-date theory from their University. They learn their role very quickly, if you provide a clear path that the graduate can climb, then the in-experienced graduates can out perform the experienced employee.

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