Thursday, 30 June 2011

Employers having regrets over recruitment decisions

A recent survey conducted by Online HR consultancy firm, has found that around 74% of employers regret some of the decisions they have made over hiring employees who underperforms.

22% of respondents said that they were undecided whether the workers they had bought in were performing well. This left only 4% of respondents happy with the choices they had made over recruitment.

Traits that made respondents feel they had made the wrong decision were based on;
- A new recruit exaggerating their skills and qualifications.
- Exaggerating their experience.
- Underperforming and having a poor attitude towards the work they had to do or those they worked with.

It is important to take time over filling vacancies and finding the right candidates. Recruitment can be very costly and if an employee doesn’t take the necessary procedures to separate the wheat from the chaff.

This will take away the necessary procedures of terminating an employee’s contact, wasting both yours and their time. It is in both parties interest to conduct a robust assessment process, giving you more confidence in hiring the right staff for the organisation and cutting recruitment costs, with Estimations of £4,000 per job.

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