Friday, 28 October 2011

ISMM Recognised Sales Training

Pareto are proud to announce our partnership with the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (ISMM). We will be working alongside the ISMM to enhance the sales profession by enabling sales professionals to gain internationally and industry recognised sales qualifications.

As an ISMM Recognised Training Centre, Pareto Law sales training programmes, courses and sales training co-ordinators all meet the exacting standards of the ISMM, which are benchmarked against sales industry standards. This highlights that our courses and programmes are designed to help businesses meet their real world needs and objectives and that our courses, programmes and training co-ordinators are of the highest quality.

Pareto Law is a company that the ISMM are massively excited about working with, the quality of sales professional that goes through their training is highly visible with previous graduates often winning at our BESMA sales awards. The fact that these high calibre individuals can now be presented with internationally recognised qualifications is of great significance to the sales profession and further recognises the quality of these individuals. Ben Turner, Head of sales for the ISMM

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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Retaining graduates who are always striving for more!

During this current climate there is no shortage of graduates in the job market, which means that many employers are able to look past just qualifications. Graduates are now finding it harder to gain employment because employers are looking for experience which these graduates cannot obtain because of this.

This means that many top graduates are missing out on places to graduates who are job hopping, meaning they gain no experience or the chance to prove them selves. The graduates that are job hopping can cost business dearly in recruitment.

A recent survey of around 1,900 graduates and managers has found that around 40% of new graduate recruits want to leave their current position within two years. Up to 40% wanted to find a job in the next 12 months and 16% wanted to change jobs immediately.

Graduates have recently said they are more interested in a high salary rather than other benefits, yet many employers can bypass this with a fulfilling employment package. Offer training or career progression strategy to retain employees. If a company doesn’t offer these then there is no surprise that graduates want to look elsewhere.

A lot of graduates do expect a lot, (who wouldn’t after spending money on education and then finding there are no jobs or rubbish pay?) yet the most important thing is to manage these expectations. The survey also found that around 10% of the graduates expected to be promoted within their first year of work, there has to be a compromise between the employer and the graduate. Offer an appealing job yet at the same time be clear to the graduate about what they can expect from the company and their role and this will enable the graduate to make a decision and know what to expect.

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